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Safer stainless steel lunch box with rice family
发布日期:2016/3/25 10:45:57
Whether it is work, school, or go to the cafeteria Dafan, more and more people with a meal. Because light and easy to carry, plastic lunch boxes has been a lot of people's favorite. However, according to Taiwan's "Healthy" magazine, plastics may release carcinogenic substances harmful to health. On the contrary, people often dislike stainless steel lunch boxes more secure, it is the best choice.

Lin Chieh-liang Taiwan poison expert explained that there are a lot of tableware for the pursuit of lighter, more resin material, but when they run soup, will release toxic substances when hot surfaces, especially those no guarantee of quality plastic utensils, not only pollute environment may also affect the liver, kidneys and reproductive health, while the stainless steel tableware these concerns do not exist.

Need to be reminded that even qualified plastic tableware, with not too "harmful." Only PP polypropylene plastics before it can be placed in a microwave oven, and, when using the microwave, it is best to avoid using plastic box contains a lot of heating oil, sugar foods. If the food oil points or high sugar content, heating temperature can withstand temperatures may exceed marked, we recommend using dedicated microwave containers containing glass or ceramic heating.

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